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Made By Seapoint

Creating a campaign story and design elements made up of the unique aesthetics of the Seapoint neighbourhood.

FourOnO is part of the Blok Raw sub-brand which offers more affordable apartments with a minimalist, utilitarian feel through the use of exposed and untreated materials while still honouring Blok’s overarching ethos of connected urban living. Blok has never just been about their apartments, but the idea of being connected to the neighbourhood in which one lives. NorthVCA chose to really embrace the unmistakable feel of Cape Town’s Atlantic seaboard suburb of Seapoint, where the new development is being built. The intense colour palettes and sea-swept textures which make up Seapoint were the inspiration behind this campaign. These textures and the typography, topography and ocean-side public spaces all served as design elements for the campaign based on the creative platform, “Made Of Seapoint”. The campaign consisted of various elements which North shot, designed, edited, soundtracked and created.