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A Team for the City

Launching a new club for a new city

In South Africa’s top tier of football, The Premier Soccer League (or PSL) occasionally clubs relocate from one city to another, similar in some regards to US sports’ franchise system. When Mpumalanga Black Aces from Witbank were purchased an entirely new Brand Story and Brand System was needed for a club whose new name had only a vague link among older fans to the past. Our strategic insight was that this new team, Cape Town City Football Club, should be for everyone, hence our strategic line of “A Team For The City”. As we weren’t working from an existing fan base a new, completely inclusive one needed to be created. One of the major advantages of CTCFC was the fact that they played in the Cape Town stadium which is within the city limits of Cape Town itself, which is unlike most teams playing in the PSL where fans have to travel some distance to stadiums. Firstly, after creating a manifesto which was literally for every type of Capetonian we then set about creating an immediately iconic, superbly modern logo which is devoid of any geographical or historical references. It needed a symbol that Capetonians of every walk of life would feel proud to have emblazoned on their shirts, flags and hats. The logo is contained, fresh and incredibly bold and immediately makes CTCFC look like no other team in the country. Thankfully, the team performed well and the fanbase steadily grew and more and more our design began to show up all over the Mother City.