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The Ready Set

Eco-friendly essentials for every level of diver and ocean lover.

This is the story of Divehack, a brand developed for scuba-divers and snorkelers, focused on convenient and worry free scuba diving through a sustainable and 100% eco-friendly way of living. The brand platform, The Ready Set evokes a feeling of propulsion and readiness. When someone is ready and set, they are prepared. This creates an immediate feeling of confidence in the product. Over and above that it gives permission for someone to be a part of a tribe -a “set”, irrespective of their dive experience level. Additionally, the product itself is a set. A set of all of the necessities divers might not necessarily remember, or store in one place. Until now. The half-circle icon that forms the D in the word and logomark serves as a dynamic expression of motion, notably downwards. It also has an aquatic feel, given the dorsal fin shape, and created a powerfully ownable mark which forms the basis of not only the brand name but also lent itself to pattern application and even to the shape of the bag itself.