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Feel good chicken

The most delicious, most “free-rangest” chicken burger ever.

Freebird is the latest concept within the Real Foods portfolio with the sole purpose of creating the freshest, best-tasting, most ethically sourced farm-to-fork crispy chicken sandwich available anywhere. With every single ingredient painstakingly sourced for optimum transparency and best-in-practice ethics, free from routine antibiotics, growth hormones, additives or colourants. North was tasked with creating a brand to reflect these values from the ground up. The name Freebird -in deference to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s epic, lighter-in-the-air slow burn anthem - led us to the idea of “Laid back activism” which became the basis for the Brand Story: A brand vegetarians’ non-vegetarian partners could let them enjoy guilt-free. Our demographic are not hardline activists but care immensely about where the food they eat comes from. The visual aesthetic and copy portrayed a modern, youthful irreverence for convention and used a cut and paste style to launch the brand in motion on Instagram and through other touchpoints. While only an online brand currently, Freebird will be opening physical stores in the near future.