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Join us. Join the Million +

The recycling revolution has begun.

Polyco is a non-for-profit industry body responsible for the collection and recycling of Polyolefin plastic in South Africa. After having rebranded the organisation in 2018, we collaboratively faced a far greater challenge: simply to get more South Africans to recycle. Our goal was -and is- to get at least a million more citizens to recycle. We all use plastic, it's simply a convenient way of life but if it is used it needs to be recycled. The idea began with a simple question. “What if every person who recycles in South Africa got one other person to recycle? This led to the Million Plus. An online platform that enabled people to ask everyone they know to join the act and sign up to become one of the Million Plus. Whether an already-recycler or a non-recycler, one could sign up or recruit friends, family or colleagues. The Million Plus sub-brand was given a voice through a call-to-action film. A website and instagram account were created to represent and recruit those who joined the Million Plus recycling revolution while providing ongoing information about how and where to recycle as well as recycling facts.