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The Big Small Firm

Extracting a brand system from a now-defunct acronym.

The STBB logo formed part of a larger system. One which could be used as a flexible way to speak about the attributes of the company and giving them a whole new meaning - The Big Small Firm. The previous company name Smith, Tabata, Buchanan Boyes had been discarded leaving us with the challenge of creating meaning, depth and brand personality from the resultant acronym STBB. Embracing this challenge, one that could speak to the attributes and approach of the company. Creating sentences and statements about the brand - all containing the letters S, T, B and B allowed the brand to shift and adapt to all aspects of communication. This tied in with the idea of the Big Small Firm. The bold letters represented the professionalism and the others the approachability of the STBB rebrand ethos, the design reflecting the brand story.