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Planet Act

A call for the planet to act.

Now in our second year of collaboration with TedX Amsterdam, for the 2019 event North was able to influence far more than just the design language for the event. Beyond the Brand Campaign System, the supporting Brand Story (Planet Act) we created was able to influence the types of speakers and their topics at the event itself. With the world in a state of flux there seems to be an anxious energy amongst the citizens of Earth. There is a distinct feeling that we need to stand up and do more for ourselves in order to undo the decades of negligence and greed that has got us into this position. Inspired by Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” as a starting point, we needed to find a theme which proactively championed a positive, future-facing approach. This led to the idea that “To Save Our Planet, We Need To Act” and the idea of a global act which committed people to doing more to save the only home we have. The visual language for the Campaign System we created drew inspiration from the visceral language of protest and a punkish DIY aesthetic with the X from TedX representing a global signature and endorsement of positive action.