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Once upon a dish

A new Amsterdam trattoria specialising in exquisite Italian food.

In the heart of Old Amsterdam, resting upon the Amstel River lies a true original, the Hotel De L’Europe. Within its hallowed halls, there is a new permanent resident, Trattoria Graziella. Named after the Italian colloquialism for bicycle, Graziella is a modern approach to the traditional art of Italian cooking. North was tasked with creating Graziella’s Brand Story and Identity, and the approach was to channel the vibrancy and bustle of old Amsterdam in the renewed context of contemporary cuisine. Using classic, bold typography paired impeccably with earthen tones of bronze, silver, gold with charcoal and brown - an elegant hierarchy was created throughout the brand, allowing it to work across its numerous applications in unison. The wordmark, set in GT Walsheim can be curved in deference to the ubiquitous canal bridges of Amsterdam. As a key bold visual, the idea of the empty plate was developed and photographed by North to suggest the delectability of the food on offer. Graziella launched in the European Spring of 2020.